Star Wars Chronicles - The Prequels


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well after months of waiting for the signed version of the Star Wars Chronicles - The Prequels I came home to a box from Fed Ex.

Inside was my book that i pre-ordered for myself and my brother for xmas

upon looking at the book the outer sleave I noticed it is torn/damage and I was not happy as I pre-ordered it months ago. :cry

Also the outer spine has an indent on the word "H"

The damage from what i can tell is due to poor pakaging, anyone else had this problem.
This is my first Item ive pre-orderd SW Shop and I'm awaiting for an email


This book is so good and I also got the signed version also by Steve Stansweet, just hope the customer service dept can help me get another in time for xmas and will look so good to the other versions we have in the collection i.e Japense Chronicles version

Ill post more news when i have progress on it


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Sorry to hear about the condition of the book. Please tell us more about the CONTENTS of the book. I am dying for a review. The main question we all have: are there many prop photos?


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Originally posted by Jedi_Dogs@Dec 12 2005, 10:34 PM
Sorry to hear about the condition of the book.  Please tell us more about the CONTENTS of the book.  I am dying for a review.  The main question we all have: are there many prop photos?

fingers crossed i can get a replacement, but theres alot of pics of characters ie wardrobe costumes, cgi, artwork but the props that they do show are in most cases are on the tad small size as they have stuff the book with loads of info from the films I,II & III

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Aw, man. Sorry to hear about your plight. I have suffered this sort of thing alot actually. I don't have alot of faith in ordering books and CDs online, for just this reason... I hope it works out for you though. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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The prop pix are small but plentiful. There are good pix of most of the sabers including emitter pix. The book apparently was a bit rushed, so it's lacking good info on the Ep. III sabers. Heartbreaker.

Overall, I think it's a worthy heir to the original.


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Yes, also shipped mine in inadequate packaging. Just a normal cardboard box that is barely larger than the book. So each knock that the box took was transferred to the book. The corners were bashed.

The cover of the outer sleeve also had scratches on it but that was not from transit.

I sent it back and asked for one that is undamaged. I also gave them some pointers on better packaging because if they send another one packed in the same way as the last one, I'm 99% sure it will also be going back.

If I pay £70 for a brand new book I expect it to be perfect.

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Are there images of the naval officer uniform as seen at the end of ROTS when Vader is walking on the bridge of the Star Destroyer? The officers are sitting at their computers by the walkway and they have different looking caps. I'd be grateful for reference pics if so.


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Originally posted by Skalen Fehl@Dec 12 2005, 07:32 PM
Are there images of the naval officer uniform as seen at the end of ROTS when Vader is walking on the bridge of the Star Destroyer? The officers are sitting at their computers by the walkway and they have different looking caps. I'd be grateful for reference pics if so.

Skalen Fehl,
Check this thread over at TDH.
There are lots of pics from the FIDM costume exhibit, and there are a few Imperial Officer pics in there.


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The book has tons of pictures of computer models from ILM of ships and alien characters. They put so many angles of the models in the book that they have to print the images very small, therefore you don't get much detail and you have to squint a lot. What disapointed me about the Episode 3 section is that it has a very large number of screen caps rather than original photography, and as mentioned almost no images of lightsabers.

I find the original Chronicles a much more valuable resource as a prop reference.


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Just got my replacement book this afrernoon and guess what

It's again damaged when sent to me in the post and was poorly boxed and wrapped up inside.

Just sent a Sh*tty email to the star wars shop hopefully these idoits can send my replacement book that is properly bubble wrapped up and sent in a correct size box.

This is the first time ive bought something from here and probally won't never again due to the poorly shipping that they do :angry :angry :angry :angry

I'm only pissed is due to the amount of money ive paid for the signiture edition of this book grrrrrrrrrrrr......

I'm off to have a beer and cool down for a bit


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Bought mine from and the first one looked pretty identical to the first pics in this thread......mine had enough damage that the lower 2" of the bridge was busted away from the spine of the book for a hard impact. The cover was also dented and ripped like that.

I sent it back of course for a replacement and requested better packaging.........

I just received the second one and it, thankfully is in one piece.........but the packing is no better than the first. I just got lucky.

Do NOT use for collectors books unless you are sure they are properly packaged by the manufacturer.


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For those of you wanting a review, I'd say save your money. When you find it on ebay for like 50 bucks, snag it. Half this book is stills from the movies. The other half is miniscule cgi shots. When they do show a few of the actual models that were made, which would be fascinating, there's a 1 inch shot of the model and a half-page blurry screencap. I actually returned my book to Amazon. Nowhere near as cool as the original, which is a gorgeous book.


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I agree....I'm happy at $59, but I wouldn't have been for $99. The props are nowhere hear as plentiful as in Chronicles I. And all the pics are on the small side. I'd have loved a huge spread of the Maul props in general and they just aren't up to snuff.



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Now after meny emails bouncing back to the star wars shop customerservice dept

they have now told me that they will not replace the book due themselves not beeing able garantee the replacement book will be sent to myself safely and undamaged.

I trully find such a big online company can't improve there pakaging techniques to improve the way they shipp this book and other items.

They only have to put the book in better paking and a result of there actons i will now not ordering any items from this site again and another members from overseas ordering stuff from this web site be aware your paid itme will probally be damaged in the post.


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I could be wrong but the photograph in your original post seems to suggest there was quite a lot of packing material there to begin with. I'd think the torn outer slipcase would very likely not have been the result of shipping trouble but was something there when the book was packed to begin with and therefore something that should have been seen by whoever was packing it. It was damaged goods whatever the cost but especially at the price these books are going for it should never have left the warehouse. People just don't seem to care anymore...
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