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We now have part 2 of this interview uploaded!


TheReplicaPropForum's Channel - YouTube

We got a number of videos at Comic Con for the RPF and this is Part One of the first interview with Studio Art and Technology's John Bush. John is a longtime member here and at TDH and is the Sales Manager at SAT who is heading up their new venture into replica props.

We greatly appreciate John and his company taking the time to give us this extended interview and showing us their amazing creations. We can't wait to see the replicas from Men in Black III that they produce.

On a technical note, this is our first round of interviews and we still have a lot to learn. We tried a new audio system that is separate from the camera which resulted in some sync issues. We also accidentally swapped mics which ended up with John's voice coming out on the right and Star Wars Chick's voice coming out on the left. (You are likely to see the same issues with some of our other Comic Con interviews)

With those shortcomings in mind, we would love to hear your thoughts about the technical aspects of this video and how we could make future videos even better. We very much want to give you what YOU want to see, so let us know what you think!
Awesome guys !!
And thanks to Art and technology for sharing their work !

But, she could have keep the USMC armor.... with the "Art" inside a heart... That was soooo cuuute !!! :love ;)
There has been a steady natural progression in the production and assembly of each video from a technical and narrative standpoint that has been fascinating to watch. The quality is getting better and better and Kristen's personality and voice are coming through and immediately clicking with viewers.

The video compression is stellar which shows considering the time I've heard it’s taking at the moment to render these massive files with your current hardware. As for the audio I'm not a sound engineer but it was totally fine. Tweaking levels and the sound mix in your editor and maybe another application is always a possibility to explore but most of it comes down to experience and you guys are getting it already firsthand with each installment.

The interview itself was very informative and a great introduction to the community to the history of ISS and SAT, the people there are recognized in the industry for their workmanship and quality so the move into licensee is a sure fit. Kristen did a excellent job asking John most questions folks had about the new venture and the wares shaping up which looks incredibly promising.

Everybody involved here did a excellent job and this so far is my favorite in the series and I'm jazzed to see the next set of interviews coming up soon. :thumbsup
Is it just me (my set-up), or does the lift/right stereo sound reversed? He is on the left, but his sound is more on the right. She is on the right, but the sound is more on the left.
Guys, you have NAILED it! Now THIS is an RPF video!. Great editing, great lighting, great audio (i just turned my headphones around :lol), the questions were relevant, Kristen was genuinely interested in the subject matter, she gave John her full attention and let him speak, yet kept the conversation moving.
This video kept my attention throughout its entirety and left me wanting more, which is exactly what you want to do. Kristen, you are a fantastic spokesperson for the RPF!

I would have LIKED to see some intercut shots and closeups of the props as they were talking about them, but otherwise, all around FANTASTIC job! Can't wait to see more!
Well done video! In fact, it's the first one I've yet to make it all the way through.

Has a nice clean feel to it, although I'm not sure about the whole, "Star Wars Chick, here" introduction. While that might work with SW related material, it's a little hard to hear out of the gate with an otherwise serious interview being conducted by a grown woman.

Other than that, I liked it and can see where it might make an adult want to check out the RPF.

Yes, do more of that! :thumbsup
Thanks guys.

Kristen is an absolute kid in a candy store when it comes to cool props and as she mentioned in the video, all the Men in Black guns were laid out just out of view (we will show each one in part two of the interview) and all she wanted to do was play with them. This is part of what I love about her and what attracted me to her years ago... she has an absolute love and fascination for props that is infectious. She gets absolutely giddy about them (you can see it a little at the end of the video... that isn't acting... that is just her playing around and having fun).

We have struggled with the 'Star Wars Chick' thing for a while and here is our reasoning for using it. As most of you know, Kristen is a veterinary doctor who owns her own practice. Now, she is not at all ashamed of her love for props and costumes and her clients all know she is into it. However, for SEO purposes, we assume that most people who look her up by her real name online are looking her up for her veterinary services and we want them to find her links that apply to her hospital, not have to dig through a ton of prop links. For that reason we resurrected her 'Star Wars Chick' ID for her work here at the RPF. I definitely understand where you are coming from on it, but I am not sure how else to tackle that issue.

Also, while our videos with Laamberry are more geared towards bringing in new members and appealing to prop and costume fans who probably aren't already associated with the site, the interviews we did at Comic Con with Kristen are more geared towards you guys. This is why we allowed them to be much longer (few non-RPFers are going to sit through ten minutes of video). We knew you guys would want to hear details that might not appeal to a casual fan. I know there is a bit of a tendency to want to compare but we are using different people for very different reasons and hoping between all of them (and some other people we are gearing up to do videos) there will be something for everyone!
Thanks for the feedback gang! I appreciate the positive as well as the constructive. I must admit, I didn't sleep the night before my first interview (with David Pea- Davidyr1) as I had never interviewed before but he made me feel very relaxed that I felt more and more comfortable as the con went on with interviewing. This interview with John was a lot of fun as we had a group of people in the room hanging out and goofing off so it was a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

I debated on whether or not to do some intercuts with the guns but I knew because of the length this was going to wind up being done in 2 parts. We did a video of all the guns on the table and go over them one by one so it seemed to make more sense not to show the guns prior to showing them off and going over them. This is the only interview that I will probably do in that fashion as most of the others I do have B footage to do plan to do some intercuts with as I realize, it does make it more interesting.

Again, sorry on the crossed mics. We had no idea there was a right and left (live and learn LOL!) so I imagine we will have more interviews that wind up the same way. I couldn't find a way to switch the channels in Power Director 9 either :(

@Rylo- interesting point. I'll have to chew on that. I'm trying to separate my professional persona from my hobby persona and Star Wars Chick is what I am trying to use to establish that difference. But I do think that is a very interesting point and will have to think on that some. Thank you!

I also have to say thank you to Art Andrews for coming up with the main questions for all the interviews. I modified, reworded and added follow ups, but Art gave me the direction of how we wanted the interviews to go. So much credit goes to him!
Yes it was very good! I was going to comment that you looked at your notes a little too often until you mentioned the props on the table. That was great! :lol
I absolutely think you should keep 'Star Wars Chick' as your online persona. First, it's your website and you've already established yourself, why backtrack with a new name. Second, Star Wars is a huge 'brand' and I'll bet the key-words 'Star Wars' and 'Chick' have been googled together many times before so that's a plus.

Besides, it's easy to remember and a fun alter-ego.

Type my real name in google and I don't show up at all, just other people with my same name who have websites (real estate agents, dentists, etc).

'James Kenobi 1138' is the first 2 pages full and goes back as far as page 14 on google, and google images. Even a google for just 'kenobi' I pop up.

Stick with Star Wars Chick. It's fun.
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