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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Props and Wardrobe Collecting Panel


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Hey gang!

I'm presenting the original prop collecting panel for SW Celebration Anaheim (with Gus Lopez​, Brandon Alinger​ and Stephen Lane​) next month and we're on the lookout for any cool SW pieces that have come to market since the last con.

If you've acquired or uncovered some cool new piece and would like to share, please drop me a line. We generally share them anonymously, and all we'd need is a photo or two. Feel free to post here, pm me or email via (with CVII PROP PANEL in the title, please!).

Thanks for reading!



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Awesome. I missed the panel at CVI. Will do my best to be there this time. I don't have much that could be contributed, Wampa fur, ILM jacket, and Greedo spine casting from ANH.
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