Star Wars Celebration 2022


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If anyone is attending the collectibles panel and could post photos, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thu, May 26, 2022 • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: The Twin Suns Stage


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Hey Dan, it was nice to see you earlier today. I left at 6p so sorry I missed the gathering. I hope everyone had fun today. I had a great time.


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Good meeting you too! Hopefully more of us can tag up at some points through the rest of the time here. I never did find anyone else out front this evening - I wandered around until about 1930 looking for what might look like RPF types but never connected…



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Back in July 2019 when I bought my badges I was too late and only Thursday and Sunday were available.

Just this week I picked up Friday on Lyte (the official ticket-swap site) so I'll be there every day but Saturday.

I work across the street at Disneyland and this week I've been seeing and chatting with numerous Australians and Canadians in town for Celebration, easy to spot from their 501st shirts.

It's strange, the Disneyland costume guidelines. If things go as usual, enforcement will be wildly inconsistent.

They say "capes" can only come to the waist. Is a Jedi robe a "cape"? Who can say. I did see somebody in a full-length Jedi robe wielding a lightsabre yesterday.

Anyhow at Celebration I'll be looking like this (the old guy with the grey beard!)

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I saw you on the floor and commented how great you looked as Kenobi, to which you replied, “that’s because I’m old” :lol:

Didn‘t realize it was you! You looked great! Nice to have met you, albeit briefly.


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