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Indy Magnoli

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Just got two decks from CloudAll and they're great. They feel a million times nicer than the ones from Galaxy's Edge and he through in a few extra pieces for free. Looking forward to playing with these!


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A few more screengrabs of what I am now fairly certain are Pazaak cards.

In the last frame, you can see the Trandoshan has a blue card with a "+" in the center diamond.
In the first frame, you can see a blue and red card (perhaps a "+/-" value?).
In the second frame, you can see another green card held by the dealer.
And in the third frame, you can see the reverse of the card in blue, there are also red-backed cards, I presume the blue is the "player" deck while the red is the "dealer/house" deck. They have somewhat of a gold-foil finish to them by the looks of it...


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