star wars bossk sculpt


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Here are some progress pictures of my latest sculpt bossk. This will be a mask for a client, and I am also making hands and feet. More pics up soon.
10847382_378389395675724_1827893789884720934_o.jpg 11025259_378390319008965_1243941868960195680_o.jpg


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Thanks for all the comments, its great to get feedback on a sculpt especially after its only been me starring at it for so long! I use an oil based clay, and am actually about to start using 'monster clay' for the first time, just need a bit more of it..


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What sorts of tools do you use? I am in need of picking some up, but am clueless a bit when it comes to how to sculpt properly/easily (not that sculpting has an "easy" way of being done, but certainly there a pro tips to not do things "the hard way"). I have been using my fingers mostly up to this point (with Chavant NSP Medium), but I have not gotten to any detail parts yet.
Also, how do you replicate the scaly skin texture so well?



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I use anything that works, I do have traditional wooden sculpting tools, I also use some old tools such as hole punchers etc, there is even a toothbrush! But like anything its practice. You can buy books, look up online tutorials that are all great as i have picked up very useful tips like this but my advice is get some clay and get stuck in! I started making masks about 4 or 5 years ago, and I am still learning! Pm me sure if you have any questions.


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Thanks for all the comments, this has been slow build, but here is a progress picture of the stage I am at now. Head hands and feet now have a base coat, next step the final paint job then to add teeth and lens.
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