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Question for those who might know. When the Star Wars 6 movies come out on blu-ray soon, I see you can get all six in one package, or each trilogy in its own package.

if I buy the two movie sets seperately, do I still get the 3 bonus Blu-rays with all the deleted extra parts, or are those bonus disks only in the package that has all SIX movies?

thanks for letting me know
From what I read, the bonus discs only come with the complete six trilogy set.

The Complete comes with nine discs, while the PT and OT come with only three discs.
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I believe that you gotta buy the Complete Saga 9 disc set to get all the extras :unsure

At least that's why I personally bought the Complete Saga even though I have ZERO interest in the Prequel Trilogy.

But I can wholeheartedly recommend the full 9 disc set to anyone who even has a passing interest in Star Wars props 'n costumes.
If you are a member of the RPF because of your interest in Star Wars props in particular (as I am) then the extras discs will justify the cost of the full set on their own!
There is some EXCELLENT stuff in there, and it's 75% never before seen OT stuff to boot. And the stuff that you're likely to have seen before - well this is a handly way of getting these documentaries in full broadcast resolution :thumbsup
I already had the 3 'Making Of' documentaries which had been released a long time back, but this is the frst time I've seen them in a resolution that's better than VHS res :thumbsup :D

Unfortunately it will fudge the sales figures to somehow convince George that the majority of Star Wars fans don't dislike the Prequels :unsure
If it wasn't for these excellent extras on the Complete Saga box set, I would probably have bought the Original Trilogy set instead.... and if that happened on a worldwide scale, it might have got the message thru to him :rolleyes
Oh well, I consider myself a Happy Camper after getting the SW blu rays, so I guess Lucasfilm is doing *something* right?! LOL

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