Star Wars blasters 1978 Magazine Ad.


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Those blasters look ...OK!
wow! what a blast from the past! i seem to remember that page from 'fantastic films' mag but i could be wrong.
and, yeah, they're not bad looking at all :)
Holy cow! I had that Han blaster!!!!

I remember seeing that ad in Starlog (maybe?) and wanting it so badly.
I had some allowance saved up (hey, I was 11) and got my mom to get me a money order.
When it came, I remember being a bit disappointed. It was metal, but pretty crude overall. I can't recall how much it cost, but my parents helped me write a letter to the company asking if I could return it. I think I wound up getting a refund, minus shipping, but I'm not completely sure.

Thanks for posting that! I literally "whoa'd" when I saw that pic. :lol
I remember a lot of those adds. My mom, back in the late 70's and early 80's, had a subscription to Starlog. I had that Don Post mask, the Cordian Alien. It was an awesome mask. I wound up cutting the face of it off and wearing my hockey mask over it for a Jason costume one year.

I still have some issues from the late 70's in a box. I'll have to dig them out.
"Functional and Non Functional" :lol Yeah right..

They look about as functional as they are accurate..:lol

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