Star originally thought

I thought it would be fun to think How Star Wars would have evolved as originally penned by George Lucas..

I re Watched the original film(1977) as it was originally rleased, without the CGI "enhancements",where Han was cool and shot Greedo because he knew the little tweerp was going to kill him, Etc...And when Ben tells Luke his father was betrayed and Murdered by a Young Jedi named Darth Vader.(Yes I know that scene is in every version of the film).

I love the original three films as we have them, But I think Star Wars "From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker", may have been a cool route For Lucas to take, As opposed to what we finally recieved.

Think about it...Vader a seperate Charscter NOT Luke's Father..Leia NOT luke's sister etc..I don't wish to start any arguments here, Just a casual idea to bounce around.

I stood in line around the block that magical summer of 1977, and Loved the film. Nothing that came after ever matched it,(Star Wars related), even the much hyped Empire Strikes Back (IMHO).
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I have a very early script around here somewhere, the one that features Starkiller and Han Solo the big green alien. And I don't think that was even the very first version.

Hard to imagine how it would have come out. I think the same thing when I read Dan O'Bannon's original script for Alien.


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a while back I had started a build of one of the original falcon models. I had been day dreaming about also building the blue and black early TIEs and maybe even the chrome greebled deathstar, and then posing them all in recreations of ANH scenes. A sort of what-might-have-been deal. I still kind of want to do it.