Star Wars Armour/Costumes?


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Hi all, just thought id ask, but are there actually any Star Wars costumes that HAVENT been done already? or at least very few of? Its just there seems to be alot of the same about? any thoughts? cheers Paul


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hey you asked for a rarely done SW costume, so i provided :D you did not put out any specifications.

but, if you insist: Boss Nass


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aww, come on, youre making it hard on me :D a costume seldomly made, that is of a likeable or hateable character?

gereral grievous, jabba the hutt, watto

or maybe asoka tano


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Max Rebo?

Droopy McCool?

Nien Nunb?

Crix Madene?

Has anyone done a Blue Snaggletooth? That would be really cool!

I would love to see a PERFECT Ponda Boba...

cayman shen

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Blue Snag would be AWESOME. Go Kenner accurate, not film accurate (ie the same costume but taller and red), and you you'd have fanboys foaming.

Rick H

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Theres a lot to do. Just not Jar Jar Binks, Please........
When Yoda dances in the street, I sense a disturbance in the force. :angel


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Sorry M8:confused

I have not been to the flagship for quite a while ... my mistake. I did a Revan a few years ago when there where only 4. At that time there was only say 2 Star Killers in progress I believe, 1 approved and the other WIP.

As the last post. He is more than likely very correct. Remember about doing Expanded universe stuff, Lucas Films does "NOT" approve them for high end events. Both Myself and Spanos in his AWESOME Durge were denied acceptence to Star Wars in concert.

How about this one ....... AirBourne Clone. The one with the bumble bee helmet. VERY few of those last I checked.
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