Star Wars: 2022 High Republic Era


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The future will have Jedi in them and some will inevitably go bad and the cycle repeats itself. Doesn't matter if it's pre, post, 1000 years +/-, or whatever.

Note: Sith != dark Jedi.

I expect that there will be good Force users and bad ones. I have no problem with that. That doesn't mean that either have to be Sith or Jedi.


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I’ve stalled on reading it because I’m not loving the portrayal of the Jedi and the Force. The battle meditation style mental networking and lightsaber space ship keys aren’t really doing it for me. I get tired of the Jedi being too holy or super powered, it leaves me disinterested when a characters whole personality is that they’re a Force user. I miss the EU days of workaday people finding out they’re emergent Force sensitives and the exploration of how it affects them.
That's very true. It's the character faults and growth that make them interesting, real and relatable. If they're god like perfect Jedi they become dull. I agree... Disney could definitely take a few lessons from the EU. Also there seems to be this desire to explain things that are better left as mystery. In one sense that's how I look at this time period, perhaps better left as Obi-Wan's description of it in ANH.


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Well Battle meditation was in the EU, but it was a really rare skill that few Jedi could pull off.
Yeah I think it’s the technical explanation of it in this book that I’m not entirely fond of.

Again I’m not meaning to hang this book out to dry, I’ll read it, it just portrays my least favorite style of Jedi which is too “high functioning” for lack of a better term. A story about a couple Jedi on a frontier world? Sure I’m there. But when it’s too big of a team or organization I get a little lost.

I’ve got a friend who loves to show me The Old Republic animated “movies” and those have the same elements, too many lightsabers, too much organization of the Jedi/Sith. It just isn’t for me. I like the ronin/undercover and outgunned Jedi.

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