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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by probot, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hmmm. The BTTF items look authentic.
  3. Apollo

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    Interesting on the 2001 Props
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    Didn't Kubrick destroy all the props and costumes at the end of production to prevent them from being re-used in TV shows (as happened to props and costumes from Forbidden Planet)?

    I seem to recall reading that the crew of 2010 had to recreate the parts based on photos only.
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    Yep in fact there are pics of the space station in a dump broken.

    Maybe some survivied although i kind of doubt it.

    Stanley ruled with an iron fist

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    I have never understood that statement. Kubrick didn't own any of the props or costumes, MGM UK did, so he couldn't order the destruction of the studio's property. What I have read, is that the production of 2001 ran so long and took up the entire resources of the studio, so that it couldn't rent it's self out to other productions. The loss of revenue collapsed the studio, and all of the props and costumes were put into outside storage. Eventually MGM got tired of paying the storage costs and had everything trashed. Not just the 2001 properties, but everything from all of the studio's productions from it's beginnings. A lot of film history was lost.

    Some items did escape, the Discovery space maneuvering packs were used as set decorations in a couple of BBC sf shows. A Moonbus seat was used a the sub drivers seat in the SkyDiver set of UFO. The models were given away because of their size, and MGM didn't want to pay for their storage. They were large, and somewhat fragile, so storage would be a problem.

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    I went to that exhibit last summer, it was totally rad. I couldn't read most of the placards, but I know the BSG stuff was legit. They had a really nice ss excelsior too. Go if you have the chance.
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    Very interesting..

    As for the destruction of 2001 props, it's tough to tell what really happened there. I remember reading a while back that somebody found the giant studio scale Station 5 centrifuge in a field somewhere in England. Apparently not destroyed like originally thought, but if I remember correctly it was trashed and vandalized over the many years it was sitting out there. Such a shame..

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    I always thought his stuff was always destroyed as well, every movie he did cause I was trying to find stuff from a clockwork orange, but was told it was all destroyed. Also wouldn't mind having that police uniform from the fifth element.
  10. tim

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    Destroying the models and props would cost the studio more money than just dumping them in a field...the bottom line always wins.
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    This pictures of the Space Station sitting in a field were taken AT the dump.

    And the commentary with them that I read said that only a few days after the pics were taken it was gone. And those pics were taken the year the movie was made.
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    In that display the Discovery Command Module is almost certainly from "2010 the year we make contact". I would wager that the other spaceships in that case are replicas. Possibly the Discovery coveralls costume is authentic, there is one of those floating around.

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    Regarding the Sci-Fi Archive, I met Arnaud and some of his friends when they were here in Los Angeles last month. Nice guys. The large Discovery Command Sphere is indeed the original filming miniature for "2010". I restored it with the help of Carson Dyle prior to its sale.

    As for the destruction of the '2001' props, please reference this post - - for the long version.


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