Star Wars 1313 Mandalorian Heavy Blaster



With the release of the Mandalorian I decided to have yet another go at my doomed blaster project (artwork depicted above). This is the fourth iteration of the same blaster...

My main breakthrough was when I realized that the blaster is based on a MAT 49 (a french Vietnam era SMG ). It answered a bunch of questions and gave me a fighting chance with scale. Suddenly it was possible to make a blaster that is somewhat screen accurate. Most of the blaster is darn close to the blaster in-game at this point. But this aside, there are a few major problems with the available reference: The small blaster icon (equipped weapon) doesn't match the in-game blaster. The artwork-blaster doesn't match the in-game blaster either and as a cherry on top; the part under the barrel is pretty much non-visible and it's almost impossible to get a good view of the left hand side of the blaster. The thing that bugs me the most and that holds me back is the part under the barrel... if I could work something out that I'm pleased with, I would go with that and move on to the build-phase. I've pretty much given up on making an accurate part at this point haha.

400px-MAT-49Folded (1).jpg
MAT 49

These major problems aside, here is the CAD of the Mk IV 1313 Hero Blaster (the grips will have knurling in the final product):




If any one of you have some reference material or information which could solve the problems I'm having, I would be forever grateful. I'm going nuts over looking at still-frames at this point.

(as usual I will share the files with the community)


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Wow! Incredible job with the modeling. I’m quite impressed you were able to find the original gun as well. Best of luck with this project!

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