Star Trek Wrath of Khan Style Wrap


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Here's a project I undertook just for fun. It's not actually a replica, but more of an interpretation. I took the overall uniform style of the original cast movies and combined it with Kirk's wrap top from TOS. (And partially stole the idea from one of Admiral Buck's photos.) It also helped that Joanne's was having a sale, 50% off the micro-suede & satin!

So here we go- first I did a sketch, then used that to create a new pattern. (Using also previous patterns and the old Technical Manual!)

The next step involved using the pattern to cut the interfacing, then ironing the interfacing to the outer material.

With the non-stretch materials and interfacing, this will be more of a jacket wrap than a shirt wrap...

Next came the fancy parts- many of the TWOK era outfits (Notably Scotty's vest) have inset panels for insignia badges and rank pins. I wanted this jacket to look comfortable and casual, but still be official enough that you could wear it on the bridge while on duty, as alternate captain's wear. So I included insets for both the rank pin and the service bars.

A little bit of black piping to set off the neck area

Here's the basic garment:

Note the 'belt loop' on the back- it is functional, and it's intended to keep the wrap in place, while reminding you of the TWOK uniform jacket's back.

Then, I just needed the details. I didn't think the standard metal pins for the insignia and rank would work well on this- I wanted something lighter and perhaps more casual. So I made a TMP style badge out of plastic, and did some quick machine embroidery (that's a fancy way of saying: "I used the zig-zag stitch, a lot") to create 'soft' rank and service pins.

And now, for the obligatory photoshopped pictures of it being worn!

(Must pose with phaser! Guarding the Guardian?)

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Probably it will be used for 'comfortable con wear'.

Thanks for looking!
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DUDE! Haha, that's Awesome! I expected the more formal one with the uniform that came up to the top of the chest

Digging it.

Being a wrap around brings back memories of me of the 80's and 90's when I used to roam the Con ballrooms at night with my green wrap and saurian brandy bottle
Somehow it works and fits the style very well. In fact I'd much rather have seen this in the movies than that other 'casual' jacket thing Kirk wore.
you are fast becoming the face of Trek II wardrobe - a great idea well executed and the highest compliment of all is that your design could so easily be a legitimate costume of the 'era'.
Thanks Tremas, Mike & Kevin!

Due to popular demand, (does two requests constitute demand? or popular?)

Right, due to it just being a good idea, I've gone to a metal rank pin, pips & squeaks.

I do like it better this way. Here's how it looks:


I put in an order for these (and some other knick-knacks) from Xscapes, the Sunday before Halloween, and they showed up three days later! I was wearing them to Eveningarwen's party! Seriously, those guys are great...
I had origanlly wanted to have the "Ike" uniform jacket made. I had bought the fabric and sort of made a pattern for someone to sew this up for me. But that hasn't happend just yet, and now you have me wanting somethng like this instead. -This is all your fault for confusing and delaying me in what uniform I want to have done. Blast you!:darnkids:lol

Great idea, and excellently done!(y)thumbsup

The only thing different I may want to modify is to still have the white strap come over the shoulder for the rank as on the original Trek II uniform and on the Ike jacket, instead of the white insert on the chest as you have.
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