Star Trek Voyager The Big one


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I wonder Does anyone know what the actual dimensions of the Voyager model they used on the series or at least the length and width of the hero model. I ask because I am wanting to build a model of the Voyager about 3ft in length. and im wondering what my version scale would be. :confused
According to Rick Sternbach the studio model was 5 feet long, 1/226 scale.

Voyager is 344 meters long, so at 3 feet your model would be 1/376 scale.
hey thanks for that link im gonna take notes on all the ships that i liked just incase i want to make a large model of those as well
Hmm, now that I have good and accurate information on the studio model. I just need to find a local print shop that will print some of the pics that I have and blow them up to the size that I want. I guess its time to hit the yellow pages.
The big one?? Here's the biggest one I've seen!


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Has anyone ever seen a cut-away of the interior of Voyager, from the top? I've seen the beautiful Doug Drexler side-view cut-away graphics, but I wonder if anyone has attempted a deck-by-deck floor plan?
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