Star Trek Voyager "Relativity" Tricorder - Electronics Only

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To those that have a tricorder replica body kit from the Star Trek Voyager episode "Relativity", I have one only, full light and sound circuit board with LiPo battery. Nothing needs to be done to it. No soldering. No configuring. Just install it into the body kit and align the LEDs up and you are ready for a 29th century away mission.


I used to supply these for the Stapleton Production body kits and I have one set left from the original run from 5 years ago. This board is assembled by hand by me (GMProps). Don't be fooled by lower quality imitations. I may run these again in the future to accommodate the new 3D printed bodies, but for now this is all I have left to offer.


Remember: this is for the electronics only. You can obtain the body kit from Stapleton Productions on Facebook.


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