Limited Run Star Trek Voyager "Relativity" 29th Century Tricorder Prop Electronics


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Hi Everyone!

I am doing a limited run of the Voyager "Relativity" tricorder electronics. This electronics is designed specifically for the Stapleton Relativity Tricorder body kit. It is very easy to install and no soldering is required. Stapleton Productions is currently selling the body kits on eBay (Item #161750344376). This is probably the easiest tricorder kit to build and coupled with the electronics makes it a very rewarding prop for your collection. The electronics looks and sounds exactly like the hero version used on the Voyager episode. It uses actual RGB LEDs for the primary display, just like the hero version. The rechargeable battery system is already connected to the board so there is no extra soldering required. Plus the battery can be recharged from any USB port on your computer (cable included). The electronics will literally drop right into the tricorder.

Rel-04.jpg Relativity-02.jpg REL-01.jpg

I am limiting the number of these to 10 at a special price here for RPF members. They are $135 each shipped. Once these have been sold you will only be able to get these when they are available on eBay for a higher price.

My PayPal ID is

The last time I did a run of these electronics was 3 years ago and they all sold out. Back then I created a video on YouTube of the finished tricorder and the electronics. The charging system was different with this version and did not use a USB cable. This current run is much easier and does not require a bulky charger, just a USB port. The rest of the electronics is still the same, so if you want to see the electronics in action just watch this video.

I am only one person with a small shop, so please be patient and allow me time to assemble the electronics and ship it to you. If you want tracked and insured shipping please contact me for the rates.


Gerry (GMProps)
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I still have a few of these upgrade kits left for the Relativity tricorder. They are currently selling for $145 each, but anybody that mentions this thread can get it for the original price of $135 each. But only for a limited time.
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