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Hi Everyone!

I am sure many of you remember the run of Voyager PADDs I did a couple of years ago right here on The RPF. Well, guess what? They are back!

A few months ago I partnered with Walker Enterprises out of the UK to do a few projects together. One of these is the Voyager PADD with full working lights and sounds. We resurrected 4 different Voyager PADDs:

  • Small Engineering PADD
  • Small Medical PADD
  • Large Warp Core Simulation PADD
  • Large Navigation PADD

Of course, they all have working lights and sounds. The small PADDs are essentially unchanged with all of the same features as before. The Warp Core Simulation PADD electronics has the same features as before but the electronics have been completely redesigned to run more efficiently to save valuable battery power. The Navigation PADD has been completely redesigned with more lights, new sounds, and interactive features.

The graphics for all of the PADDs has been improved to give a cleaner look and prevent any rippling in the viewscreens.

VGR-L05.jpgVGR-L04.jpgP1070485.JPGWC PADD-06.jpgP1060836.JPG

We are looking to see if any one would be interested in owning one of these PADDs for their collection.

But unlike the previous PADDs which were just offered as completed hero props, we will be offering these PADDs in kit form as well. The small PADDs are available immediately in kit form or fully assembled. The large PADDs will be available in a few weeks in kit form or fully assembled. The kit includes all of the plastics (laser cut) and fully assembled electronics with rechargeable battery system (no soldering required).


  • Small Engineering or Medical PADD $295 (Fully assembled), $165 (Kit)
  • Large Warp Core or Navigation PADD $395 (Fully assembled), $195 (Kit)

There are a couple of prototype PADDs available for anyone that is interested (very few available). Contact me if interested.

Let us know what you think. Would anyone be interested in getting in on a run of these? Please leave some comments, PM me, or send an email to

Thanks for looking!


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Just an FYI: I will be putting up a Tutorial thread in the Replica Props Forum showing each step (with photos) of how I put a small Engineering PADD together. I will post a link here as soon as I have it started. You will be able to see how the PADD has been redesigned to make it easier than ever to put one of these props together. Watch for it.
I am in the process of putting one of the small Voyager Medical PADDs together and I have a question about the color. I know that some of the Medical PADDs were a light blue shade, but I have also seen some that were a darker metallic blue. I have a broken front bezel from a screen used PADD that has this color, but I am not sure if it was from a Medical PADD. Has anyone seen the different blue shades of PADDs? Are there any Voyager episodes that used these blue PADDs? I have seen a lot of the typical metallic dark silver, but I cannot remember seeing the blue medical versions. Just want to get it right. Any help is appreciated.
I have been under the weather the last few days so I have not had a chance to start the tutorial thread on the small PADD build. But I will be starting it today.
Interested in a built small engineering padd initially, what would shipping be to Hong Kong?

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