Star Trek: Voyager Medical Prop

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    Hi everyone!
    Haven't posted in sometime but I've been working on a voyager medical prop. It's from the episode "Message In A Bottle".

    It took me months to track down the actual prop with some help from a really good friend overseas.

    I took it apart & used the map light top part for the prop. Gutted it out & cut off the section below the switch. Sanded it flat. Added a strip of styrene to cover the hole.
    I sanded the plastic ring to look frosted & drilled a small 3mm hole in the dome. Used light blue spray paint from duplicolor & meduim grey met from duplicolor. For the vents, I used a sharpie fine point marker to fill them in black like the original.
    image.jpg image.jpg

    Here's a photo of the original version

    I found more of these so that I could build a couple just to have! Very hard to find item. Now I'm on the look out for more hard to find everyday items for more Trek props.
    Let me know what you guys think. I do have electronics for it to mimic the one on the show, just gotta find the time to install them.
    If you guys are interested in obtaining a flex light let me know, I can help you out!

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    Nice replica ! I love props that are just modified real world items.
  3. renaissance_man

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    You're welcome Larry. That wasn't an easy found item to track down, it took me months of searching, that time I got lucky.
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    I LOVE this! There were several other neat medical instruments in that episode....the 'Thrombic Modulator' or something to that effect, if I remember.
    What a great find!
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    Hi Larry
    i am a fan of found items i found a few in the shop i work and then the Nemesis stylus on ebay for a few £
    I would like to get one of those for my collection. The end goal is to make a medical tool kit and this would be a cool addition to it.
    I'm in the UK so i hope thats ok. What would you like for one please?
    Many thanks

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