Star Trek Voyager "Endgame" Medical Tricorder with independent arm!


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Calling a medical tricorder 'sick'. Language is a funny thing, but Zfishies is right. That thing is sick. See also RIGHTEOUS, SPECTACULAR, BAD, etc.


Very nice how much are the kits for the arm & arm electronics?
I have a Stapleton science body knocking around and would be ace to turn it in to a medical one.
Although nice to have a science & medical....sorry im rambling
Very cool look forward to hearing its cost :)


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Thank you!
I don't believe that Stapleton would sell you just the arm but it doesn't hurt to ask him. As for the Medical electronics, you can contact GM Props for pricing. Just remember that you will have to modify your existing Science kit to accept the arm, if you get the arm only from Stapleton.
Good luck!
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