Star Trek: Voyager animated Filmation style

I've been away for a week on holiday and just got back to see this gem in my Youtube suggestions.
Like the TNG homage before it, everything about this piece of art is spot on, the scratch marks on the "cels" the tracking edges, the couple of flopped shots, the re-used stock music.
I know "Threshold" is maligned by some but I genuinely enjoy the episode as piece of entertaining, classic piece of Brannon Braga Star Trek.
I hope the team do DS9 and ENT homages too.
My choices for the DS9 and ENT episodes are "Move Along Home" and "The Crossing" respectively.
Nice and kitsch, but the Trek nerd in me has to point out that warp nacelle configuration when pursuing the shuttle is in sublight positioning…. Sorry, just had to get that one out!
Tunnel Plaid GIF

They've gone to plaid!

That was fun. Kif Kroker would approve.

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