Star Trek TOS uniform finally complete!


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I have to admit, I was never really into cosplay. But my first visit to The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour and meeting William Shatner changed all that!
I think I am ready for my next visits!!

The Tunic was custom made for me using supplied accurate material by Murraymousie from EBay.
The spring weave collar, delta shield and Captains Braids were obtained from Scott Nakada.
The trousers, complete with seat, via another Vendor from EBay.
The boots were custom made for me by Durans and fit like a glove. I made sure they were the correct height. Every pair of boots I see a cosplayer wearing are too short.

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Top notch you fit the part Captain now report to assume your next command. Thank you for sharing point of contact for fellow fans wanting to make this happen it is much appreciated.
Those boots look amazing! How much was it to have thme custom made like that?
I sincerely appreciate it! Contact Duran's Dance Shoes in Los Angeles. I think after all was said and done around $400.00 Which is a steal for custom made quality boots like this! They fit me like a glove and are very comfortable. They were the final part of the puzzle for my Original series Uniform.
Fantastic! You look like you stepped out of the show.

The haircut is super and brings the whole look together. (Sometimes people don't pay attention to the hair!)
Thanks!I am a detail nut (take a look at some of my model work here!) I am very critical of myself and wouldn't do it if it didn't look correct. The whole ensemble is custom made and form fitted.
I'd love some info on where you got your pants, I'm missing those as well as the boots. Do you have a contact name at Duran's? It'd save on a lot of reinvention of the wheel lol.

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