Star Trek TOS Photoshoot at Valley of Fire State Park

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Art Andrews and I headed out to Valley of Fire State Park this Sunday with our friend Jorge and did an amazing photoshoot showing off my Star Trek TOS Blue Dress from ANOVOS. It was a GORGEOUS day, the weather was perfect and we spent about 5 hours shooting in several parts of the park. We hiked a good bit to get to some of the locations but it was worth it. I realize the props aren't exactly the right ones for TOS but we wanted we though any Trek prop would be better than Pulse Rifles and Moritas :lol We shot over 400 pictures but here are the best of the day.
Thank you, I really wanted to rock that 60's look so I checked out some youtube videos the night before and spent about an hour on it the morning of the shoot.
Looks great! Though, the JJ-Trek phaser made me cringe a little. ;)

Looks like you're ready to take on a Gorn!
These are so awesome! Love it! Also your hair and makeup were perfect!
Ditto. I've always wanted to say that you always do a great job with hair and makeup in your costuming well as the costumes themselves, of course.

These photos are beautiful. Such great lighting and exposure. Art, what camera do you use, lens, etc? (Or is this info already in some other thread?)
I'm going to agree with what everyone else has said: hair, make-up, lighting and composition are all beautiful!

Would have been perfect with a TOS phaser (that JJ-trek one always looks to me like it's a cheap plastic Flash-Gordenesque toy from the 50's) but otherwise, bravo!


(C'mon, this IS the rPf after all!)
Hahahaha! Love it with the right phaser! I agree, this is the RPF, which was why I figured I might as well point out all the imperfections right off the bat :lol Thank you all very much for the kind words. I feel that part of making this costume look and feel right is very much in capturing that look at feel of the 60's with the hair and makeup and I am just thrilled you all think I carried it off well. That is such a wonderful compliment.
Why has no-one turned her into an andorian or orion yet?

Great pics - Is this one of the final pieces with the correct sleeve braid?
LOVING the photoshop work guys! Thanks!!!

@sapper36- I guess that means you need to do it! Bring on the blue and antennae, bring on the green! No, this, I believe, was one of the early prototype dresses.

@vader71- I would love to do a shoot in the red dress if they would let me borrow it. I would definitely need to find the right props for that shoot.
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