Star Trek TOS Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light


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Frankly I wished they had taken their Phaser Remote and made a B&W version of it rather than the mood rock but that is just me. It would be great if someone figured out how to put the rising site in while still being able to keep the rest of the functions.


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Chris, just noticed your post here hence the delayed response. . .

Here are a couple of photos I took while it was apart that may help you. Unlike the P1 from WandCo's Universal Phaser Remote this one comes apart very easily [SNAP-FIT] without any chemical welds or glue holding the parts together. I used a pair of side cutters to cut out the plastic dial visible next to the battery in the first photo. I replaced it with a cut down aluminum dial like those used on mid-grade P1's.




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A buddy got me one for Christmas. It's fun. The phaser looks plain so I added the jewel and extra crispy just to make it look more interesting.


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Bought the mood rock off of amazon for under 39 bucks, and I am keeping only the phaser.
I’m going to display it with my B£W phaser 2.


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I just picked one of these up, it's a little silly but I love it. I might do some minor mods but I'm happy with it as is.

Get a Piece of the Rock and a nice B&W P1 that's easy to mod as well. . .

My mods on it are finished:

  • Buffed off the copyright lettering & dull coat
  • Replaced plastic trigger with aluminum trigger
  • Swapped out black cover screw with a brass replacement
  • Replaced plastic thumb wheel with aluminum thumb wheel
  • Drilled off plastic nozzle, replaced with anodized aluminum nozzle sized to accomodate the IR Emitter

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Your mods look great! What did you buff it with? I see an emitter and trigger easily available on eBay I might pick up.

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