Star Trek TOS landing party


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My wife and I recently beamed down to Tucson for a photo shoot with our Original Series uniforms and props. The phaser is an Art Asylum toy that I heavily reworked with parts from jonpaultrek2012 on eBay (build thread here). The communicator is an unmodified replica by The Wand Company.

The uniforms were made by an absurdly skilled and patient local tailor, Goldie Bradford, using fabric from joannes_friends on eBay for the third-season tunic and dress, wool lurex from International Silks & Woolens for my trousers, rank braids from Joe Kerezman, and insignia from Scott Nakada. The boots were custom made by Duran's Dance Shoes in LA.

Photography is by our friend Bill Krause, whose scratchbuilt Star Trek models can be seen here.










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Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Re Kerezman, I learned of his reputation only after ordering. I think what ensured the items' timely delivery was that I wasn't dealing directly with him, but with his mother's (!) eBay account. It all went quite smoothly.

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