Star Trek TOS inspired small equipment case


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Here's a simple project I just finished up. I wanted an equipment case to hold my two communicator replicas and picked up a dollar store plastic box which I repainted. There are a whole lot of TNG cases but i'm not aware of any tos cases so it was fun to make one up.

I saw the colors Mr. Nagata used on his phaser rifle build thread and decided to go with the same blue as it has a really unique look (and it was also one of the few tos looking colors I could find at pep boys). The foam was cut from an unused camera case. The labels were printed out on label paper and then matte laminated.


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Wow, that's nice! I can see Scotty carrying one of these around when he needs to make some planetside repairs.

Funny how the most basic of things turn out to be the coolest... well done, sir!!! :thumbsup


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Thanks for all the comments! It is fun working on a more simple project from practically nothing. I find the TOS props with their retro appeal are super fun to build.


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Here's an updated picture with my new dstines hero communicator with jlong p1 phaser!


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