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The last time I was on the TPZ - I thought the consensus was that the GJ last appeared in episode 17, "Shore Leave". (When Sulu's tiger threatens Captain Kirk and Sulu - Captain Kirk pulls his [Hero] P2 off his pants [a black Velcro Pad replaced the gold pistol belt] and tries to zap the tiger. Nothing happened and he looks at his phaser and clicks the side dial. Then he tries again - nothing.)

However when I was assembling the following photos for my 3rd P2 trivia quiz- I am not so sure anymore...

Shoreleave P2 the GJ.png

I am not certain if I grabbed the photo on the right or not. [I will go through my high resolution movies ASAP].
When I look at these photos now - the one on the left - looks like the GJ - the nozzle is low, Velcro on the P1, etc., however the one on the right shows the nozzle is higher than the GJ. And as I was sizing these the two photos above - I noticed the forehead clip seems to have the same angle as another P2 - [the B&W Hero Spock P2] the "Finney"!
Finney P2.png

I do not recall who posted the following photo comparison of the "Shore Leave" P2:
shoreleave P2 compare.png

I cannot find my front view photo of the GJ [as it looks now]. However the nozzle is too high (IMO) on all of these caps to be the GJ.
Notice how the the forehead clip on the right seems to look just like the GJ - however the forehead clip on the left does not - this is
exactly what you see when you look at the B&W P2 that Spock holds in both combat scenes in episode 6, "The Man Trap".

Spock-Finney-Shoreleave .png

GJ nozzle.png

And the edges seem to be sharper on the GJ than the Finney...


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The "Shore Leave" phaser has the GJ forehead crack. The nozzle height is less distinct but I seems to me to match.
Screenshot 2022-10-07 190507.png

TOS Phaser

The "Shore Leave" phaser has the GJ forehead crack. The nozzle height is less distinct but I seems to me to match.
I am beginning to think that all four of the Hero P2s had forehead cracks before the end of season 1. Especially the ones that I think were dropped in episode 6 "The Man Trap".

I posted this thread because I happened to watch (episode 17) "Shore Leave" on my big LED TV and I saw a lot of gray below the nozzle and I swear I can see some of the other "tells" that lead me to believe: what we thought was the GJ all along was in fact the "Finney".

GJ Hero Q - 1-yellow lines.png

I now believe it was the "Finney" Hero P2 that was worn and held with either the GJ P1 with Velcro (which I believe was inserted into the Finney P2 whenever it had to be worn) or the P1 shown is the other Hero P1 with Velcro that was damaged in "The Man Trap"*

*This second Hero P1 was typically inserted into the "Riley/Lenore" P2 when it had to be worn - as was the case in "The Man Trap" when Captain Kirk wore it on his gold pistol belt in the same scene with Mr. Spock wearing the "Finney" P2 with GJ P1. Scotty also wears the "Riley/Lenore" P2 on his gold pistol belt in "The Naked Time" with the GJ P1. You can see it looks just like the Hero P1 (with Velcro) that Spock wears on his gold pistol belt in "The Enemy Within".)

Closeup shoreleave P2 front 1.png

In this enlarged and cropped shot - you can see the P2 shell line above the trigger and there is a lot of gray under the nozzle.

I inverted this shot and the shadow that in on the left of the front face under the nozzle is not distracting:
Closeup shoreleave P2 front 1-inverted.png

And a second later when Captain Kirk checks the 10 Turn setting:

It is more obvious.


And in this photo you can see the P2 body edges are not as sharp as the GJ.

I believe the following two shots from season 1 are of the same hero P2 - the "Finney" P2.
IMP - these P2s are the same.png
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Once upon a time there was a member here who was a Hollywood propmaker that could answer your questions in minute detail. If you go to his website you might be able to contact him.

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