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Star Trek TOS Franklin Mint Diecast Model complete box, papers inserts

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This is the one you have been waiting for. For that Star Trek TOS fan that didn't get one back in the day. Turn back the time machine to Over 25 years ago and find this Enterprise 1701 model in excellent unmodified condition as released by the Franklin Mint. Includes the factory shipping box, Diecast Franklin Mint Precision Models hang tag and original paperwork and all the inserts. I can only find one mark on it on the underside of the (hull pictured) that has been there since new. Still it's is in excellent complete condition. Normally you find these chipped to hell , with missing bridges, broken stand pegs and broken or missing gold saucer antenna. You will not be disappointed. $45.00 flat shipping anywhere in the US via USPS fully insured. I have this listed on EBay currently for more. If there is any shipping overage I will return it. GC
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