Star Trek TOS fabric sources downtown LA?


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Hoping someone Los Angeles based might know some potential sources in the downtown garment district to find potential fabrics for 2nd/3rd season TOS uniforms, Command gold, Science blue.

There are literally hundreds of vendors, perhaps I might benefit from someone's detective work! Any suggestions, reccomendations, hugely appreciated! Going on the prowl this weekend.

Thanks much in advance...
Ok first thing...Do you want velour or double knit? You said 2nd/3rd season. 2nd season used the same velour as the 1st, while the 3rd season introduced the double knit. As for fabric sources in LA, the easy answer is there isn't a screen accurate source (unless you can get some Anovos' fabric from Jose...not likely), unless you buy the diamond weave double knit in white and dye it the right colors. As for fabric, you could try contacting John Broughton from Farigut Films, or Patty Wright with Star Trek Phase II, or save yourself the trouble and just purchase tunics from ANOVOS. Expensive I know but for screen accurate 3rd season tunics and dresses, that's the way to go.

For more info on all of this stuff check out ...

Star Trek Uniforms and Costumes

Starfleet 1701st

Star Trek Phase II Message Board (Uniforms and Costumes Section)

Also, what pattern are you using? The reason I ask is that there is NO commercialy available TOS tunic or dress patterns that are accurate enough. The collar alone will never look quite right without the little tricks that experienced STAR TREK costumers know. I would definatly check out the sites I mentioned before starting.

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