Limited Run Star Trek TOS Dr M'Benga Medical or Daystrom Science Scanner


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This is also known as the "alternate" medical or "Spock" scanner that can be seen in these episodes:

A private Little War (Medical Scanner) (Used briefly at the beginning of the episode on Spock)
The Ultimate Computer (Sciences Scanner) (Used briefly near the middle of the episode to analyze the M9 equipment)

I thought this might be some thing fun to put together, since they are not currently available any where. :)

If you're interested in getting one, just post a reply.

Once I get a prototype made, I should have a rough idea on a price ($100 to $200 range). I'm working on a blueprint, currently.
I think a color wheel with a motor is over doing it, so I will be using a RGB LED instead.

I've created a research thread here:

Latest update (10/8/21): I've started work on the prototype. So far, so good. The main part is cut out and cleaned up.
I have ordered the right size material for the caps and have recently received it.
I will continue the work on the main section. Pictures are forthcoming.
Right now I'm estimating some time in January before the prototype will be complete.

Interest/Waiting list:

1. jgk1701
2. CE (2x)
3. bill313
4. sanjoelo
5. Maxc
6. AJK001
7. Lanboy
8. Peter1701
9. Krieger
10. Edgsw
11. eoconnor2305
12. Toki
13. Caveneau
14. Kunothewild
15. Turok96
16. DrMcoy
17. Starchwreck
18. xlowes
19. tcbinaflash
20. Jediwannabe
21. Opus Penguin
22. Xlowes
I'm a bit late to the party, but I have an immediate interest in this. Best. Mike.


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Sorry for the wait, guys. I've finally cleaned off my workbench and have dusted off my blueprints,
so I'll start working on the prototype today.

I had some trouble with the original prototype because the interior threading just wasn't working and it was becoming too time consuming, so I'm going to try a different method.

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