Star Trek TOS Dagger of the Mind, Whom Gods Destroy patch reproduction LTD Run


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This is a painstakingly made reproduction of the patch used on the original series. I own an original patch and so was able to work off of that.


This is my original in a custom case I designed to hold it.


The original patch was made in 3 pieces. A found object sun and bird and a hand cut felt hand that was hand inked. All three parts are reproduced in exacting detail and a friend of mine that is a broadway seamstress sews them as close as she can to the way Bill Theiss sowed the original. I offer them two ways.

1. is exactly like the original with the hand cut felt for 45.00
2. is made with a patch reproduction of the hand. Much better for cosplay use and other needs. It is 40.00
You can buy both styles from me for 80.00
shipping is 8.00 US if you are from outside US contact me for shipping rates.
I have the parts and some made so this will be quick. This is hands down (pun intended) the best reproduction of this patch that has ever been done. Super accurate and the alternate one allows for actual use cosplay while the felt hand one is super for collectors or display.

Paypal works. is my email for that and for if needed outside of here or DM here. if you need another form of pay contact me.

Here are parts before assembly showing the patch hand that is much more durable.


Here is the original next to copy! The copy in this photo is the patch hand verson.

Here is a great photo of the hand felt ones that as I was assembling a bunch for a prior run.


Please let me know your shipping address and which one you want or both and any questions.

I can make about 25 of these with what I have in stock. If there is more demand for some odd reason I can look at ordering more parts made.


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