Star Trek TOS Communicator from The Wand Company

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star-trek-the-original-series-communicator-bluetooth-handset_1000 (1).jpg star-trek-the-original-series-communicator-bluetooth-handset_1000.jpg

If the quality is anything close to the phaser, this is a no doubt must buy.


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I just read the more thorough description of the specs, and it's another great concept from this company. The same ABS and metal construction as the phaser. Inductive charging. Storage case. Practical consumer electronics functions. Fully licensed and researched for accuracy. For $150. I mean, please.

I've become a big fan of the Wand Company. I was concerned that since they are a small firm, the re-engineered version of the 11th/12th Doctor's screwdriver might be all they could bring to market in the next year. So glad they're pushing on with the Star Trek license at the same time. In fact, I will be a little disappointed if we're not looking at a tricorder reveal in a year's time.

phase pistol

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Wand Co. 3D scanned the Alpha prop, plus they have as consultants. I have every confidence that this piece will be at least as accurate as their TOS phaser remote control. Which is to say, VERY accurate.

Herocomm says on Trekpropzone that Wand Co is at Comic Con this week, in the ThinkGeek booth. They'll have a prototype to show, so somebody stop by there and say hi and take lots of photos! :)


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This communicator looks kind of smooth like the black ABS and less bumpy is this how the original Alpha TOS prop looked?

phase pistol

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That's just sold out from the shop. Not to worry, it'll be for sale elsewhere. Think Geek, for instance!

nick daring

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It's a shame that I will never use the interactive functions of these replicas. Small price to pay though!

I can only wonder kind of weird feature they'll put into a Tricorder.

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