Star Trek TOS Captain's Chair

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Jiminydog, Oct 27, 2011.

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    I'm a 1/6 collector and was recently lucky enough to score a 1/6 resin Kirk's chair off ebay. I've been going through the (very long) threads on this forum and others about building a 1:1 chair but haven't been able to find the answer to one simple question: what shade of grey do people use to paint the chair? I was hoping somebody here might have an answer. Keep in mind I don't do airbrush, I'm strictly an rattle can guy, so what I really need is an off-the-shelf paint and brand. The closest I've found so far is Testors Light Aircraft Grey, but it seems to have a slight hint of yellow, where it really needs to be slightly blue-ish tinged. Anyway thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.
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    Not sure if this will help you or not, but maybe after you prime it you can paint the chair with a medium blue coat before the light-aircraft-gray, and maybe the blue underneath might give you the tint that you're looking for. Good luck and post progress pics!

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