Star Trek (TOS) Burke Bridge/Ships Chairs HELP

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by STpropguy76, Feb 26, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I know a guy that has (4) Burke 103 Chairs and a Burke Table Base (No Table Top) For Sale for what I think is Cheap.

    I know that the 115 Chairs were the ones used for the Series,
    But I have searched and find very little difference between the two versions, Except Price.

    The 103 Chairs that he has are in good condition, They have the propeller feet, They swivel.
    The Table Base is rounded on both ends.

    I understand that the Backrest is narrower on the 103's
    but you have to cut and narrow down the Backrest on the 115's to place the cushion,
    So then they are almost the same.
    (There is no cutting that must be done to the 103's).

    Also that the Seat itself on the 103 is concaved (Rounded),
    Where as the 115's Seat is flat.

    I also believe the 103 is a tad bit smaller than the 115.
    But not much.
    Each chair is approximately 30" high, seat depth 18", seat width 17", and base is 23" x 23".


    Other than these differences Can a Burke 103 chair be turned into a Star Trek (TOS) Bridge/Ships Chair?

    All that is needed is some Cushions and some Paint, Right?

    Also what would be considered a good Price for (4) of these 103 Chairs
    and a Burke Table Base (No Table Top).

    I ask because I have never Priced/Bought any or (4) as a set before.
    I have looked at FeeBay but still would like some Input from Forum members.

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    Re: Star Trek (TOS) Burke Bridge/Ships Chairs


    110 members have looked at this Thread but No one can Help me?

    Please I need Help.

    I know a few Member here have these Chairs or can Help.
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    Yes, the 103 can be made into the TOS chair and your conversion requirements are correct. Don't forget teh triangles on the back. I think if the chairs are in good condition, whatever you feel you want to pay for them is a "good price". I've seen to price for 103's all over the place so go with what you're comfortable with.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have already bought all (4) of the Chairs W/a Burke table base & had them Delivered all for $240.00.

    I am in need of Cushions or Plans/Blueprints/measurements for the cushions.
    And Triangles.

    I talked to ........ but he wants $80.00 Per seat cushion, $15.00 for (3) Triangles and who knows how much for the back cushions?

    Totaling it up it is:
    $80.00 x 4 = $320.00 for the seat cushions
    $15.00 X 4 sets = $60.00 for Triangles
    And just guessing another $80.00 x 4 = $320.00 in back cushions

    Totaling = $700.00

    $700.00 dollars in Cushions & Triangles is ridiculous as I only paid $240.00 for all (4) chairs.

    So I need Help.
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