Limited Run Star Trek TNG Mark VII Science Tricorder Electronics


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For anyone that is interested, I am doing a small run of 10 sets of electronics for the Mark VII Science tricorder. The electronics are designed to specifically fit the Stapleton Productions body kit, Roddenberry kits, and a number of 3D printed kits. These electronics have full lights and sounds that replicate the screen used hero props; all of the sequencing lights run identically to the screen-used version and the sound is very authentic. There are 3 working buttons that give you 2 different tricorder sounds and a mute function. There is also a closing ratchet sound that is synchronized to work when you flip the tricorder door closed.

Here is what you will get with each kit:
  • 5 fully assembled circuit boards (front sensor array board, top status indicator board, button board, main control/viewscreen board, and door board).
  • LiPo battery (400 mAh) with charging port and charging cable
  • Wiring diagram and instruction sheet
The cost per set of these electronics is $155US. Tracked Shipping is included in North America. Please PM me for tracked shipping rates to other locations in the world.

If you would like to get in on this run and order a set of these electronics simply make your payment by clicking HERE.

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