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Star Trek TNG Mark VII Medical "Hero version" Tricorder

Sold for 900 USD
I am selling my own personal hero replica prop of the Mark VII Medical tricorder that I assembled almost 3 years ago. I need to purchase more supplies and this prop (although my favorite) is just collecting dust and should be displayed properly by a serious collector.

The tricorder body is from Stapleton Productions. All of the paint and graphics are screen accurate. The electronics (my own design) are fully functional and also include 3 extra working buttons (for 2 sound clips and a mute button). There is also electronics in the handheld scanner. All of the lights function the same way as they do on the screen used hero prop. The sounds are very authentic and include a closing ratchet sound as the tricorder is closed (not after it is closed like on so many other versions. The viewscreen graphic is a backlit slide just like they did for the show prop.

All of my props come from a smoke-free home and are stored on a shelf in my workshop (so they do get a little dusty, but I will clean it up for you).

If you have any questions please PM me.




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Tracked and insured shipping is included in the price to US and Canada. I have lowered the shipping rate to international desitinations.

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