Star Trek do the comm pins stay on?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Funky, May 11, 2006.

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    So, I was watching ST TNG last night and noticed that their costumes are always perfect. The comm badge stays on with no weight to the material and there are hardly any wrinkles to the costumes themselves...almost like a perfect body glove of sorts. Is this due to the material or some form of body suit underneath OR just superb tailorship? Anyone know?
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    The Comm Badges were held on by velcro.

    In the later Seasons, they had on a padded undershirt underneath.
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    Also keep in mind that the commbadges are just lightweight resin, not metal as you might think. used to sell a set of the badges as a kit... very accurate.


    - k
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    Absolutely right. The Com Badges were resin with a velcro attachment. The "seamless" look of the first few seasons is because the early Next Gen jumpsuits were made of spandex. The later two piece uniforms were a wool blend.
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    I have some metal comm pins that can also chirp these were held on with rare earth magnets extremely powerful for their size. No posts to stick thru the fabric.and they could even hold thru 1/4 " leather.

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