Star Trek TNG + Engineering prop showed up in The Expanse?


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So been going through the series this last month or show... One episode a night with brother and dad... After me already seeing seasons 1 and 2...

Anyway we're now deep into season 3. And Niomy is on the Navou floating through some engineering duct, holding what looks suspiciously like the multi tool engineering prop that also sometimes doubled as a medical prop on star trek...

Wish I had a proper name for it... But did anyone else spot it?


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Bit of googling suggests it's the ODN scanner.

There is one difference though. The one in expanse had 2 blue lights on it end rather then one red...

If it's not the same prop I'm interested in knowing what it was...


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Don't think it's the same prop, just some similarities. The one Naomi has seems to sit out at the top of the stalk the same on both sides, and the bit at the top with the lights is separate on the top instead or wrapping around from the front. Don't know what it is based on though.