Star Trek:The Motion Picture Complete score from LaLaLand

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    For any soundtrack enthusiasts out there, LaLaLand Records is releasing a 3 CD set of the complete Jerry Goldsmith score for ST:TMP on June 5th. One of the best scores ever! Can't wait!!!
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    Star Trek: The Motion Picture (3-CD Set)
    Music by Jerry Goldsmith
    LLLCD 1207
    Limited Edition of 10000 Units

    La-La Land Records, Sony Music and Paramount Pictures boldly go where no soundtrack reissue has gone before with this deluxe 3-CD set of 1979‘s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.

    The first big screen voyage of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock was a high budget and ambitious undertaking that introduced Goldsmith’s famous and enduring Star Trek march (later used as the main theme for Star Trek: The Next Generation) as the cornerstone of an epic science fiction musical odyssey. Like the film’s refit starship Enterprise, La-La Land’s lavish presentation presents the score anew: fully restored, remixed and mastered from the first generation multi-track masters by Bruce Botnick, the original album co-producer and Goldsmith’s long time scoring engineer.

    “To put together the complete score the decision was to go back to the original Analogue 16-track 2-inch 30 i.p.s. masters,” Botnick explains. “John Davis at Precision Audiosonics baked each of the 37 rolls in a convection oven at 110º for eight hours so that they were playable, then rolled out a marvelous 3M 56 IsoLoop 16-track machine with brand new heads. The tapes were resolved at 60Hz to maintain the original orchestral pitch and sync. The Analogue-to-Digital transfer was done from the 16-track through the latest Black Lion A/D convertors and recorded to Pro Tools X at 192kHz 24-bit.”

    This 3-CD set presents the score for the 1979 theatrical release (filling disc 1 and part of disc 2) and also premieres the legendary early “rejected” cues that Goldsmith recorded prior to composing his famous main theme. The 1979 album program (much of which is performed and edited differently as compared to the film) completes disc 2, with disc 3 offering additional alternates (including those heard on the previous Sony expanded release) along with a wealth of bonus material. Among the highlights are a collection of early takes of the “Main Title” (including extensive stage chatter), isolated segments featuring Craig Huxley’s famous “blaster beam” and assorted synthesizer excerpts, the domestic CD debut of Bob James’ disco cover version of Goldsmith’s theme and Shaun Cassidy’s vocal version of the love theme, “A Star Beyond Time.”

    Reissue co-producer Mike Matessino (who handled restoration and editorial efforts) collaborates with Jeff Bond on the thoroughly researched album notes which feature interview excerpts by Goldsmith, Botnick and performers Huxley and David Newman. The clamshell packaging and 40-page full color booklet are designed by Jim Titus.
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    Interesting and so very tempting. I got the remastered set from a few years ago and I thought that was supposed to be the definitive ST:TMP soundtrack CD, guess I was wrong.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have track listing!

    DISC 1 (72:06)


    1 Overture 1:43
    2 Main Title/Klingon Battle 7:01
    3 Total Logic 3:54
    4 Floating Office 1:08
    5 The Enterprise 6:02
    6 Malfunction 1:30
    7 Goodbye Klingon/Goodbye Epsilon Nine/Pre-Launch 2:10
    8 Leaving Drydock 3:32
    9 TV Theme/Warp Point Eight :50
    10 No Goodbyes :53
    11 Spock’s Arrival 2:03
    12 TV Theme/Warp Point Nine 1:49
    13 Meet V’Ger 3:06
    14 The Cloud 5:05
    15 V’Ger Flyover 5:01
    16 The Force Field 5:07
    17 Micro Exam 1:13
    18 Games/Spock Walk 9:51
    19 System Inoperative 2:03
    20 Hidden Information 3:58
    21 Inner Workings 4:04

    DISC 2 (74:31)

    THE FILM SCORE (cont’d)

    1 V’Ger Speaks 4:04
    2 The Meld/A Good Start 5:37
    3 End Title 3:16


    4 The Enterprise [early version] 6:05
    5 Leaving Drydock [early version] 2:39
    6 No Goodbyes [early version] :55
    7 Spock’s Arrival [early version] 2:00
    8 Micro Exam [early version] 1:15
    9 Games [early version] 3:49
    10 Inner Workings [early version] 4:43

    THE 1979 ALBUM

    11 Main Title/Klingon Battle 6:50
    12 Leaving Drydock 3:29
    13 The Cloud 5:00
    14 The Enterprise 5:59
    15 Ilia’s Theme 3:00
    16 Vejur Flyover 4:56
    17 The Meld 3:15
    18 Spock Walk 4:17
    19 End Title 3:16

    DISC 3


    1 Overture [long version] 2:50
    2 Main Title [alternate take] 1:44
    3 Total Logic [alternate take] 3:49
    4 Malfunction [early take] 1:28
    5 Goodbye Klingon [alternate take] :35
    6 No Goodbyes [alternate take] :53
    7 Spock’s Arrival [alternate take] 2:01
    8 The Force Field [alternate take] 5:04
    9 Micro Exam [alternate take] 1:14
    10 Games [early synthesizer version] 3:48
    11 Games [alternate take] 3:48
    12 Inner Workings [alternate take] 4:05
    13 V’Ger Speaks [alternate take] 4:03
    14 The Meld [film version] 3:16
    15 A Good Start [discrete] 2:27
    16 Main Title [album take] 1:44


    17 Main Title [first raw takes] 7:21
    18 The Force Field/ The Cloud [excerpts] 2:33
    19 Beams and Synthesizer for V’Ger 4:04
    20 Beams and Synthesizer for Ilia :59
    21 Synthesizer for Main Theme 1:44
    22 Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture [Bob James] 5:24
    23 A Star Beyond Time [Shaun Cassidy] 2:43
    24 Ilia’s Theme [alternate] 3:33
    25 Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture [concert edit] 3:25

    Total 3CD Time: 3:41:13
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    25 minutes till it goes on sale.
  7. Jeyl

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    Ordered. Also got a special copy coming in from a good comrade in California.
  8. robn1

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    Ordered! Can't wait.
  9. micdavis

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    It's a testament to the quality of this music that it was really the only thing that really transfered over from the TOS (movie) series to TNG.

    I would have thought they would have gone for something new. It was an odd choice at the time.
  10. yodakiller1138

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    Ordered as well. Wouldn't you know the internet went out where I am because of a storm 1 minute before it went on sale. Lucky it was just a glitch and just had to reboot everything. I'm a happy camper. Can't wait.
  11. Jeyl

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    They tried to with TNG, but what they got just didn't sound good. It's on the original "Encounter at Farpoint" soundtrack.

    I've been listening to the soundtrack samples on La-La Land's site for this new TMP set, and oh man. It's fantastic.
  12. Lord Boron

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    I want it now!!!! Wish they had overnight shipping!
  13. robn1

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    Instant download would work for me.
  14. Apollo

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    Just ordered thanks for posting this!!! :thumbsup
  15. yodakiller1138

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    I was reading last nite on the film score monthly forums that the La LA Land site was having trouble around 1PM . They got so much traffic it threatened to shut them down. I was having trouble connecting too but thankfully got in to place my order.
  16. yodakiller1138

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    Just got it today. FANTASTIC!!!
  17. Jeyl

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    Here's my copy.


    It was signed by-

    Bruce Botnick, Jerry Goldsmith's recording engineer
    Craig Huxley, BLASTER BEAM performer
    Richard H. Kline, Director of cinematography

    Special thanks to DavidinBerkeley for grabbing me a copy and having it signed by these awesome generous individuals!

    And please believe me, this soundtrack is freaking awesome. It not only sounds amazing when compared to everything else (including the film), but it includes the complete score with the missing Steiner and Courage cues, has tons of fun extras like the disco take of the main theme and everything the two previous score albums from 1979 and 1999 had.

    The raw take of Jerry conducting the main title is worth the price of admission alone. You can hear him talking to the orchestra, performers fine tuning their instruments and stopping mid performance to correct a mistake. It's freaking awesome.
  18. Wakeem

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    I'll pick this up soon. It's always nice getting a deluxe release from La La Land. Especially when so many normal soundtrack releases are incomplete.
  19. yodakiller1138

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    Was just reading on La La land site that almost half the run was sold in a couple days. They're restocking now and won't take orders for it for 2-3 weeks.
  20. Jeyl

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    WONDERFUL NEWS! That beats Star Trek V's record for sure! I hope this is a huge hit for La La Land because the amount of work and love that went into this set cannot be matched by any domestic soundtracks that are released nowadays.
  21. yodakiller1138

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    Now if only they would give us the complete score to Dracula (79).
  22. robn1

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    I'm so glad I got my order in when I did, I'd hate myself if I missed out on this.

    I love that score! Midway is another one I'd love to have.

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