Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


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My observations form the latest Gorn Episode:

  • I loved watching Spock play the role of the 23rd century dishwasher of Captain Pike’s super-sized Colorado ski lodge that doubles for his quarters on the ship.
  • The Gorn acted like wild animals vs. advanced star travelers ; even killing each other until there remained one lone “alpha”. This being the case, I am wondering how a feral species such as this would have ever been able to master space travel. I guess, if given enough time, a pack of wild wolves would be able to harness their vast intelligences and civilization to create warp space flight?
  • Why is it that Bad Robot Spock (in the movies and the TV show) acts like a rage-filled lunatic and always acts out his feelings by “punching things” whether that be walls, computers, people? He seems like a man prone to eventually physically abuse those around him. I believe the term is “a ticking time-bomb”. Whatever happened to the “coolness” that once defined Mr. Spock (and don’t tell me all of this is explained by him smiling in a 50 year old, unsold pilot, in which his character wasn’t even established yet)?

A more appropriate fast-food reference for what this franchise has become.



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The tough one for me is I like the characters, I like the actors, I like the set and prop designs of SNW…

It’s the writing that I wish was better.

The actors and the production crew deserve better.

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