Star Trek SNW Shuttle 3D Print


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Just a little project giving my FDM printer a bit of a work out.
I acquired the files for the shuttle from a friend who drew it up from just watching the show, it was amazing how in only a few short screen grabs he was able to produce such a fine piece of work.
My plan is to only print the main body in PLA and all the other parts from my resin printer.
'And So It Begins"

a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg e.jpg


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Here is a paint tip for those who just getting into FDM printing plus you can use it in all other forms of model making as well.

First I painted the model using black acrylic paint. ( this is the base colour for when I start sanding)
n.jpg r.jpg

Then I add two coats of spray filler

Between coats I give it a mist of green or what what ever colour you have plenty of.
q.jpg This just helps you keep track on how you cover the model with paint.

After the two coats give it a sand with some 120 grit sand paper remembering not to sand past the black coat of paint.
Clean the model down and paint a different colour. (I used Green)


Add another two coats of the primer filler dry and sand smooth, don't forget to fill in and join seams with some model filler or spot putty.


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Thanks for the tips on working with FDM. I am having a small statue scanned and printed using FDM, and I will be sanding and finish painting the piece.


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Try getting it printed in resin if it is small, it will be much easier to paint.
I concur. But the FDM will be cheaper, and this will be an experiment to see how much work it will take to get the part looking nice. If it's too much work, I will print future statues in urethane. (y)


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Cockpit printed in resin.
I have printed it in sections to see how in looks. The final print will be in clear so I can back light it all.
I an not sure what I will do wit the roof paneling yet but that has to have lighting as well.
4.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
The white on the print is residue from the cleaning solution I have not cleaned off yet.

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