Star Trek Props Paint Colors (TNG Films/DS9/VOY era)


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Hi! I'm a new member and an avid Star Trek/SciFi Model builder. I have a bunch of kits Star Trek Phasers, Tricorders and PADD's from the TNG FIlms/DS9/VOY era and I have been on a perpetual search for the right silver color for these kits. As far as I know (and this is pulling it out of memory) the color used was Silver Sand Metallic. It was a GM color. I searched for years for this before just giving up completely. Does anyone know of an alternative color to use to make these props as screen-accurate as possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I saw the thread and thought I would answer it with the information that I had. The BGM0347 is the direct replacement of Duplicolor DSGM 347 which preceded the UBER rare and discontinued Plastikote GM# 7173 Silver Sand Metallic. This color was the one used by the propmasters of Star Trek TNG/DS9/VOY the movies etc. I called Duplicolor and they confirmed the new color designation of DSGM 347 has been changed to BGM 0347. You can purchase this paint from O'Reilly's auto parts stateside they have it or can get it. Or you can order it from Amazon for about 7-8 US dollars a can. This color looks amazing on my tricorder & dolphin phaser. I am enclosing pictures so you can see for yourself. It looks a little dark but the sheen is amazing still. I hope this helps out everyone looking to get a screen accurate color of the props. Good luck on the rest of your builds.
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