Star Trek Nemesis Valdore Warbird?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Prometheus, May 25, 2003.

  1. Prometheus

    Prometheus Well-Known Member

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    Anyone knows if there is any kit for the Romulan Valdore class warbird as seen in the Nemesis movie? Those warbirds are awesome!
  2. Prometheus

    Prometheus Well-Known Member

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    No one is a fan of this ship? [​IMG]
  3. vaderman1701

    vaderman1701 Well-Known Member

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    I doubt you will find any. Polar Lights and Bandai currently hold licenses to produce Star Trek ships. I haven't heard that one mentioned yet. I would check Federation Models ( Some companies do tend to make resin kit models of starships that have not been produced. You may luck into something.

  4. Barnstormer

    Barnstormer Well-Known Member

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    Sci-fi modeling in general is down right now. It's really disapointing - I agree w/ J-, I'd really like to build up a Valdore.
  5. Linnear

    Linnear Well-Known Member

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    I know this is an old thread, but what about this?

    Romulan Valdore

  6. silverskyes402

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    This really is a incredible warbird!!! would love to own one of these

  7. Invicta

    Invicta Sr Member

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    Mini Model Madness has a small kit of the Valdore. Use the index link on the left of the page and look under "Star Trek"

    Starship creations was mastering a larger one but they closed before it reached fruition (I think). Vaderman1701 has a good idea check FedMods they might have something.
  8. Vaderman

    Vaderman Sr Member

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    I think that since the movie didn't do too well, this wasn't produced, though I agree, it's a great looking derivation of the giant Romulan Warbird designed by Andy Probert!
  9. fistius

    fistius New Member

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    There are a few kits, the already mentioned mini model madness kit, Gizmotron has a 1/2500 scale version (Federation Models) and there is a huge 1/1400 kit by Ravenstar which is getting hard to find.
    Cheers, Chris
  10. The 4 Star

    The 4 Star New Member

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    I recently got a Ravenstar kit but it's missing the pair of underswept pieces that connect the engine and lower pylons. Does anyone have a kit they'd be willing to reproduce those 4 pieces (one pair left and right)...? I know it a long shot but this model is fantastic otherwise and it'd be a shame for me to return it. Any thoughts/suggestion/help is welcome, thanks!


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