Star Trek models 1/2500 scale


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Hi, for whom is interested on this scale, I have a few 3D printable models available on Shapeways site to sell, in 1/2500 scale.

Including in the batch is a D9 class Klingon ship, which I am quite proud of, although it gave me a lot of work, as the 3 views from FASA game simply do not match each other. At this scale, it is not possible to see a lot of detail, so I try to show up the most important. I still do not have a printed copy to show from it, I will post here as soon I get one.

Here are the pics:






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Hey guys, Shapeways is giving free shipping for orders to USA in June. So, if anyone is interested, let me know (I have no idea how much it is, as I live outside USA, and the shiipping cost for me is always high).

I will release another model in a few days, another Klingon ship (non cannon), it is quite cool, and will be the first time that it is modeled, as long as i know.


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Ths is my new ship, the Klingon Destroyer K´Teremmy class, from Starship Schematic Database, I really like the design, very K´Tinga style, but with enough differences to make it original not just a simple kitbash.

Again in 1/2500 scale, this tiny thing will have 7,96 cm, corresponding to 199 m. I scaled it loosely based on the bridge module, I think it is a bit too big to be a destroyer, guess light cruiser would fit it better.

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