Limited Run Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - 1986 San Francisco Register Newspaper


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Available now and ready to ship!

Screen-accurate replicas of the Thursday, December 18, 1986 San Francisco Register prop newspaper, as seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

This item is available now for preorder on my Etsy shop at this link:
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Replica Prop Newspaper San | Etsy

Also available on eBay at this link:
Star Trek IV Voyage Home - Replica Prop Newspaper - 1986 San Francisco Register | eBay

Each order will include TWO copies of this San Francisco Register prop newspaper.

The newspaper page measurement is 13.75" wide and 22.75" long. This is the measurement of the front page when it is unfolded. The full 4-page sheet will be 27.5" x 22.75" when unfolded and opened flat.

These were printed on an actual vintage broadsheet newspaper press, with the exact same type of newsprint paper as the original props. Check out my other listings and customer reviews for my 'Back to the Future' Hill Valley Telegraph newspaper prop replicas. This set will have the same kind of quality and accuracy.

The price for this item will be $22.95, which includes Priority Mail shipping in the U.S. International shipping rates will be automatically calculated by eBay or Etsy. These newspapers are the same size as my 'Back to the Future' replicas, and will ship in the same kind of flat mailer with cardboard backing to protect the papers.

I also have a November pre-order listing for the Edith Keeler newspapers as seen on Spock's tricorder in 'The City on the Edge of Forever'. I am including a free copy of the ST IV newspapers with all orders for that set.






Register 1.JPG


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Still available!

A free one is also included with my Edith Keeler 'Star Dispatch' newspaper set.

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