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    So as is known, I have a variety of Khan costumes and will start my next one when I've moved to the UK.
    In this post, I announced the start

    And here I'll start off with the ideas I have concerning the helmet.

    I will start again in September I think, when I've moved to the UK and have all the resources at hand as I'll be studying propmaking & Special effects. The first thing I wanted to work on was the Spacejump costume (I already think of how to incorporate as many pockets as possible in this one.). A nice part to start on would be the helmet and I'm thinking of vacuforming acrylic and engrave the HUD. However a student told me that it might work better if I engraved the acrylic first and THEN vacuform it. The visor is attached with magnets and the helmet itself is cut in half. The bottom half covers the neck, the top 'clicks' on top of it.

    I'm not so sure, what do you guys think? Here are the first few references I have. I need more, but I've got BTS footage which I can use. Here's a video about the shot itself, in which you kind of see the construction of the helmets.





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    I imagine that some of the engraving may distort as it stretches, but for the cost of a piece of acrylic it's worth trying.
    If it doesn’t work first time you could add some distortion to your artwork in an attempt to compensate for the forming process, but that can be rather hit and miss!
    Let us know how you get on.
    Where are you going to be studying?
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    Northbrook College, Worthing, Sussex, United Kingdom :)
    Great atmosphere, small classes, lots of personal attention and everyone, including the course leader, is either a gamer, LARP-er or cosplayer....

    And yes, I was worried about the distortion. I might be able to get a bigger piece of acrylic and divide it in two, to try it out. Might discuss with the teacher as well. But as this will be a private project, I don't exactly know how long it'll take to get there. I'll need to do a basic sculpt first, before I can make a visor.

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