Star Trek Insurrection Engineering PADD Build


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A few months back I saw one of these PADD's go up for auction on eBay. It was the first time I'd seen this design, and since I really love building these things, I set out to add one to the collection.

I built it out of the typical 1/8 " laser cut acrylic, but I REALLY didn't feel like trying to paint all the detail. Luckily for me, a family member recently purchased a very nice vinyl cutting machine. So, I made the appropriate files, and got started.

Base paint on - it was way too shiny. This led to a matte clear coat, which had a bad reaction with the black paint. Agh! It was a mess.

First set of vinyl overlays on the front.

This is the complete pattern for the back. I will remove part of the silver and replace it with gold later. The reason for this is that by applying all of the lines simultaneously I was able to keep the spacing perfect.

At this point, I have all the vinyl applied, and all three layers glued together. My first batch of screen images came back the wrong size, so I have to have them reprinted. I will add more photos in a few days when I get the new prints.


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Finally got my screen graphics done, and now I don't think I like them! I didn't like the original design either, so I came up with this ... back to the drawing board I guess :)
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