Star Trek II:TWOK Communicator Concept


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Re: Star Trek II:TWOK Commicator Concept

I like that a lot. I'd love to get one.

Here's what the first prototype is currently looking like-

First on paper:

Then the parts as delivered by Shapeways-

Overall they came out pretty good. The texture is a bit rough and porous, but that's a characteristic of the material, and I knew it going in.

Here's with some rattle-can silver paint applied:

Then, to get a bit fancier, I did some hand painting and put in some electronics.

Actually, I recycled an old blinking freebie button, took out the electronics from it, swapped out it's LED and added a new switch:

The best part of that plan is that it was all re-used parts, so it counts as free!

So, that's how it stands now.


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Re: Star Trek II:TWOK Commicator Concept

More info.

Modern Props had stripped the paint off those old Walky Takies and polished them so they were nice a shiny which was what the prop master liked, and they did add the grills as asked and they were really clunky.

Lucky for fans Steve's design sold him on a better looking com, still a bit large but so much better that he originality wanted.


Almost right but it wasn't Nick was the propmaster at Modern Props.
And it was Steve Ladish who actually built them.

Richard did build the WOK Wrist comm though.

The following is an exerpt from what Richard Coyle wrote to me about it.

"SFAF/MP-1130-X=Star Fleet Assembly Fleet/Modern Props-1130-X (this was the real address for Modern Props on Florence Ave in Hawthorne CA.)

Steve Ladish was the main builder at Modern Props. The two knobs and mouth piece was from a Walky Talky...that the propmaster wanted to use with a flip grill added. Steve built these on spec, recreating a few of the details the PM liked . And he liked it.

Thank god or it would have been so much worse."


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Re: Star Trek II:TWOK Commicator Concept

I can't find these on Shapeways. :( DEFINITELY want one!

EDIT: Found it!!! Getting the set ASAP!
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Re: Star Trek II:TWOK Commicator Concept

Post pictures of how yours comes out! (If you guys keep this up, I may have to re-finish mine, just so it will be up to par!)

Finally finished mine last month! Here are a few pics.

I added lights/sound from one of the old keychain communicators (the additional sound switches didn't quite go as planned but they're functional at least, lol):

Click for video:
(I have since corrected the sticking lid with just a bit of silicone grease!)
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Re: Star Trek II:TWOK Commicator Concept

Thank you very much!

It could have been smoother still, but the main thing is filler primer - lots and lots of it! :)

Couple of light coats, then heavy wet coat (just before the point of where it might run). Let it dry fully, wet-sand smooth, and repeat. Sometimes it's hard to get into the narrower spaces (there is still visible stepping on the lower face of the speaker grille for example) but that also generally means those areas are harder to see, which works to your advantage :)

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