Star Trek First Contact Phoenix


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The logo was only on the side that has the cockpit windows.
I'd have to go back to see when it might have been visible in the film.
I never noticed that before in the movie all the shots of the Phoenix are from the bottom never the top.
It looks like I need to get some decals printed.


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Painting has started.


It is starting to look the part.


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Learning from experience drill holes first for your wiring than after assembly. Pre-fit the parts and get the best run for the wires before gluing sections together. Tip always lubricate your drill bit in dish soap before drilling as this can reduce chipping and cracking of the resin.
Especially when you are working with resin from a 3D printer as it is very brittle.
LED's have been placed to light up the engine bell and the four smaller engine bells.
To create the finish on the engine bell I first primed it with spray putty and gave it a sand as it was printed with a FDM printer. I didn't want it super smooth as the print lines give the finish to the bell a more realistic look.
Next a coat of Silver leaf then a top coat of Nato Black.
Then I started sanding the black off to revile the silver coat under the Nato black.


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Painting the plate for the logo.
2.jpg Paint white
3.jpg Line the edges with tape
4.jpg Add the corners to the bottom
6.jpg And then the top
7.jpg Add tape the correct thickness required top to bottom
8.jpg Add the rest of the tape to create the lines where you will want to paint

9.jpg Fill in with tape areas not to be painted and remove the tape used as a guide, (At this stage you might want to spray a gloss clear to help seal the masking to stop bleeding under the tape)
11.jpg Paint red
12.jpg Remove all masking clean and gloss ready for the decal.


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Applying the decals

Don't forget to gloss over the decal after it has dried.
A little weathering.

Fitted to the ship.

I have held it in place with double sided tape so if it can be removed if it needs to be displayed as the movie version.

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