Star Trek Experience - Warp Core Breach drink glass

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Rich, May 13, 2015.

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    I never got to have the Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas.

    I have the recipe for this drink, basically pour in alcohol until filled. The bowl basically looks like something from Hobby Lobby or any other crafting store. The base is what I'm interested in. Does anyone own one of these, or has anyone custom made one? Looks pretty simple to make, but I just wonder if someone has them for sale.
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    Creativeware Designs was the company which supplied Quark's with their WCB glasses and Onion Ring holders. They were selling them online shortly after
    the Experience closed. I was lucky enough to get a set before they disappeared. They are out there.

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    I do have one more of the large ones left that I might be putting up on eBay soon. Won't be cheap though. My last one sold a few years back for $240 and being that they're even more rare, I'll be listing it at least at that same price. This particular glass I purchased while attending the 'Captains Pass' Dinner Party at the '07 Trek Convention so it actually comes from ST:TE.
    IF you're still interested, you can respond here or check occasionally on eBay. I still haven't decided 100% if I am going to list it.

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